Food Aid


Food aid is presently our main focus. Starvation is always a devastating situation. Unfortunately, North Korea has had their share over the years and especially in recent times since the 1990’s. Except for some uncontrollable, temporary circumstances, like a natural disaster, for example, no one should ever starve to death. In this 21st century, the potential to eliminate starvation in the world does exist. We have the wealth and the technology to do so, but global unity on this matter is yet another complex issue. In the meantime, there are many people and organizations who do take the initiative to alleviate the problem. Zaphnath Paaneah has invested years in building relationships with some of those who are working inside North Korea, who have the authority and integrity to distribute the aid into the hands of the needy. We also visit North Korea to witness aid distribution and management. We feel we are qualified to assure our donors their contributions will be well stewarded through us into the hands of the needy of North Korea.